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Always Know Who's On Your Website & Convert Your Traffic.  Market To Them. Our Identity Resolution Technology gives your  Business Full & Permanent Control Over Your Real Estate Companies Best Prospects and Quickest Path to Profit
What Is It?
While InMarket Targeting represents prospects who are actively looking for a property, Site Visitor ID represents prospects that have already identified YOU as one of their options. They are prospects who are in your marketing funnel (example, your website). And thanks to our Identity Resolution technology, it allows you to know exactly who they are.
What Is It For?
    We’re able to “match back” our clients’ website visitors with the information in our consumer database.
    We can turn an anonymous website visitor into a “real life” lead by providing that buyer’s name, phone number, email address, and mailing address so that you can reach them on any platform online or offline.
    Information that we own and control on your behalf, forever. Which gives you the ability to automatically extend your marketing to a buyer/owner who’s been to your website, or reach out via email
    How Do We Do It?
    When you place our SMART Pixel on your website, we’re able to capture your traffic and resolve the full identity of your website traffic. We’re also able to capture your visitors’ behaviors pre and post-click, and use that data as a training sample for your custom targeting algorithm.
    This helps us further refine your targeting so that it becomes even more accurate.
    Advantages To Your Company
    First-Party Data Management Platform

    Right now, you don’t have access to the data you generate without relying on a powerful supplier such as Facebook or Google to allow access to it from within their platform. SVID allows you to manage AND use all of your first-party data in one place, regardless of the platform it originated from. Because you now control your data, it can be used in ways that were previously impossible.
    Who else could benefit from having access to your first-party data?

    Partnerships, co-marketing opportunities, “list swaps,” rentals and many more opportunities become available to you. List brokers and data companies charge enormous sums for doing nothing more than providing lists to companies that are based mostly on third-party data. What could you charge for access to verified first-party data that also comes with identities attached?
    Convert prospects into clients.  
    Site Visitor ID Identity Resolution helps you identity the prospects who represent your clients’ quickest path to profits, get new clients, and retain the ones you already have.
    First-Party Data Rental

    With Site Visitor ID Identity Resolution, you can grow an InMarket audience 10x - 20x faster than with any other method, such as relying on form-fills or opt-ins. This opens up enormous possibilities to
    partner with businesses that desperately want access to exactly the kind of data that you own.
    Resolve the identity of your website visitors
    This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the prospects who matter most, and produce better results in less time.
    Harness the Power of the World’s Most Powerful Targeting Platforms to Create In-Market Lookalike Audiences
    Site Visitor ID audiences can be used as highly relevant InMarket “seed audiences” to exponentially expand your reach. By uploading your SVID audience to the platform and asking for a “lookalike,” the platform will use your first-party data to create a larger audience of their users who match the behaviors of your SVM audience.
    Who We Work With
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