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Target Active Buyers And Real Sellers. Advertise Only To People Who Matter And Who Are In-Market Right Now. Target The Right Person At The Right Time, Eliminate Wasteful Ad Spend.
What Is It?
InMarket Targeting is a real-time list of the 3% of your market who are looking to buy a property right now in your area.
Our technology combines Identity Resolution with behavioral tracking to produce targeting lists of real active buyers who are exhibiting patterns that match recent buying behaviors.

InMarket Targeting lists are NOT based on demographics. They are based on real-time behaviors such as keyword searches, URL-level navigation, content consumption and campaign response, social media.

They are also permanent and portable, and owned and controlled by us. We can deploy them for your campaigns across any platform and on any device, online or off, forever.
What Is It For?
InMarket Targeting allows you to eliminate wasteful ad spend because you’re only marketing to the right people: active buyers and sellers.
Eliminate all of the advertising that’s never going to work to drive down your cost per client acquisition automatically. 
How Do We Do It?
Our software accumulates 25 billion pieces of online behavioral data every day. We then apply machine learning to define patterns which matters to us (ex: what does your ideal prospect do online before buying a condo in New York?)
From these patterns, our algorithms reconstruct paths to purchase — what did buyers do in the days, weeks, or months leading up to the purchase. Our AI then sorts through and looks for those patterns being repeated across the data we collect every day.

As your campaigns run using our data, our machine learning algorithm self-adjusts in real-time for every individual client to auto-optimize its targeting and conversion profiles, resulting in a prediction engine that improves and becomes more accurate over time.
Advantages To Your Company
Only Target The Active Buyers Who Matter

…the 3% of any market that is actively looking to buy a property right now. Get a permanent, across-the-board, universal discount on your online ad spend. InMarket Targeting lists are the most relevant targeting lists you can get anywhere, bar none. And because the major ad platforms operate on a relevancy algorithm, meaning you’re rewarded for running ads that are relevant to your chosen audience, you achieve Higher CTR, Lower CPC — typically 25% to 75% less — and lower cost per acquisition for your clients.
Get Control with Permanent & Portable Lists, “Platform-agnostic”

Become immune to changes in terms & conditions of the major ad platforms. We help you fully utilize the most powerful advertising platforms in the world, on your terms. With InMarket Targeting, you’re not renting data or renting targeting on a CPM basis the way your forced to now. When you own and control your data, you aren’t relying on (or paying for) outside targeting from any single powerful supplier like Google or Facebook.
Don't Guess Who’s in the Market & Who Buys; We KNOW Who’s in the Market & Who Buys…BY NAME
Deterministic data means you can finally leverage an effective multi-channel ad-spend attribution tool, know exactly who is the needle in the haystack.
Know Who’s Actively Searching for a Property in your Area Before Anyone Else

Every complex sale such as real estate starts with online research. We help you control the buying conversation from beginning to end.
By reaching prospects as soon as they browse and compare properties, which means as soon as they start researching their "problem" (what property to buy/ how to obtain it/ for how much) — and being able to do it across any platform or device simultaneously, you achieve “frame control” — the ability to educate and develop a relationship to help buyers solve their problem.
You are top of mind, meaning they remember who you are; and you have a relationship. Sales don’t close without those two factors in your favor.
Targeting that Learns & Gets Better in Real-time Thanks to a Closed-loop System, Powered by AI & Machine Learning
Why that Matters: Our AI can analyze every prospect, every ad, every click, every action, and measure it against its initial prediction. In this way, it “learns” what it got right, and what it got wrong, and adjusts. It is the ultimate “closed-loop” system that allows you to attribute every sale to its source.
Who We Work With
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