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“Our team is committed to getting the best results for our clients and at the lowest cost per acquisition. It is our mission to help them take their business to the levels they dream of and we will stop at nothing to uphold our commitment. End of story.”
Sean MacDonald
Sean MacDonald is President and CEO of Behavior Leads, Inc. a Digital Marketing Agency, based in Atlanta. Brand Logic is a full service marketing firm that specializes in growing businesses through  unique Omni-channel strategies related to the digital realm by utilizing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning software. He previously owned The Trash Caddie, a business that focused on providing valet waste  solution for Multi-Family apartment complexes across the United States. The business was run through a mobile app that his team developed and created to streamline the valet waste service for property management companies. He successfully sold that business in early 2018. He is also the Co-Founder of Bungalow Brands and Impact Brands. Both are companies that specialize in building and scaling E-Commerce brands. They do this through implementing strategic marketing tactics to start and scale these brands as quickly as possible, focusing mainly on Omni-Channel strategies to exponentially increase revenue. His skill set includes specialty services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media branding and advertising, email marketing, video marketing and web design in the E-commerce space. 

Sean earned his bachelor degree in Hospitality Management with a minor in finance from Georgia Southern University. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA.
Bryan Wethington
Bryan Wethington was formerly Vice President of River Capital, an Atlanta based Private Equity firm. Mr.  Wethington currently serves on the boards of Five Star Manufacturing, Blue Wave Products and The New  Image Group, all River Capital portfolio companies. He is also the Co-Founder of Bungalow Brands & Impact Brands which collectively owns a portfolio of E-Commerce businesses. Before joining River Capital in 2014, Mr. Wethington founded Southern Setup & Rebel Yell, Inc. Southern Setup is one of the largest tailgating operations in the state of Mississippi, setting the gold standard for collegiate game day experiences. Rebel Yell is a collegiate based company with a diverse group of holdings, including a Greek Apparel and Entertainment division. He successfully exited both companies in the fall of 2017. In addition, he has extensive experience in diverse industries including Hospitality, Entertainment, Apparel, Staffing, Landscaping, with a strong focus on Consumer Products. 

Mr. Wethington earned his bachelor’s degree in managerial finance with a minor in real estate from the  University of Mississippi. Mr. Wethington currently resides in his native hometown of Atlanta, GA.
Gary Engels
Since 2005, Gary Engels, first built Leadership Academy as a Leadership Development program for kids and adults. His Marketing Background has led to great success in his business.

With time, Gary's marketing results evolved from just building his school's enrollment but then began helping other local businesses succeed including Chiropractors, Deli's and Grocery stores, Dentists, Martial Arts School, Gyms and Real Estate Agents/Brokers in a full service lead generation model.

Gary has taken business owners and turned around their businesses through consulting services for years. Now, Gary takes the most valuable principles of sales and marketing so that you can get profits fast. You learn quick and long-term strategies to drive leads and sales. The goal of Vantage Targeting, Inc. is to equip Business Owners with cutting edge enterprise level tools to 2x-10x their businesses. 

He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and 3 kids. He purchased a 12,000 sq ft Bank (with a Vault) and turned it into a school where he teaches self defense a few hours a week and has several offices as well as Northern Wisconsin's Real Estate Association. 
Cultures and Values
What We Do
We help real estate agents, brokerages and real estate companies grow their revenue with artificial intelligence marketing. We offer streamlined and pragmatic marketing solutions that are meant to simplify your life and allow you to focus on closing deals. 
Why We Do It
Your success is our success. We have aligned self-interest. We know that brokers who embrace and maximize the technology at their disposal have more power to market and sell than ever before. The strongest, smartest and best learn to adapt and thrive in new situations. We can help you keep up with new technology. We can give you a real competitive edge and protect your commission. Work smarter, not harder.
Who We Are
We are a hybrid of brokers and marketers who specialize in real estate. And it’s a killer combination. You won’t have to waste time explaining your business and your industry to us. As a seasoned group of industry insiders, we are ready from day one to help you get more leads, listings, and close more deals.
We avoid one-size-fits-all approaches and ensure that every marketing solution is custom tailored to address your goals.
You can trust us to get the job done with minimal oversight
How We Got Started With Each Other

We partnered with some guys who were killing it in the automotive world and other industries behind the scenes and under the radar. We decided we need to apply this technology to our Ad Agency and get the same results. We partnered with them and now offer their technology that has cost Millions of dollars in development and years of testing and application.
We developed a weekly contact list of every person in a local area who is actively looking to buy a home in that area, they just haven’t decided what agent they are going to choose yet. We worked with Realtors and helped them build their businesses.
Our software tracks 250 Million Americans URL navigation and keyword behavior. We know they are going to buy because they are currently acting just like other recent real estate buyers. In other words, we can tell you if you someone is going to buy just like we can tell if someone is going to cross the street because when they walk up to the edge of the sidewalk they wait for the light to turn green and they start walking. There’s a pathway, a trajectory that we can see because we have a vantage point with our system that other people don’t have.
Who We Work With
Trusted by the world's top real estate brokers and firms
“What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” - Gary Keller
Some of Our Recent Case Studies
Proof That Our Targeting Works:
26+ Is Our Adset BEFORE Our Targeting... IML Is With Our Targeting
$5.05 Per Lead BEFORE (12 Leads) > $2.88 Per Lead After (21 Leads)
But This Is Just The Beginning Of What We Can Do...
As you can see here we were able to achieve a CPL (Cost Per Lead) as low as $1.37 per qualified lead.

Would you pay $1.37 to speak and meet with someone who is ready to purchase a home right now?

Our Mission Is To Make Your Life Easier.

You’re competing against a lot of brokers.  Owners have plenty of options to list their properties and can choose any other broker.  It’s a seller’s market and it can be hard to get paid a premium.
You mainly rely on referrals and traditional canvassing.  Makes it hard to predict your revenue.  Also means you’re not capturing online prospects well.

You advertise to the masses and waste money on people who are not looking for a property.  You pay a premium for low quality leads and spend a lot of time qualifying them.  Some of your online leads fall through the cracks because you don’t have any follow-up system.   We can help.

In-Market Technology
Know the people in the market who are ready to buy and only target them.
Machine Learning
Our unique and proprietary data is always getting smarter to improve targeting and increase results.
Early Targeting
Get in front of your ideal client before your competition has the chance to.
The ability to utilize and advertising platform whether it is online or offline.
  • In-Market Leads:  Prospects Who Are Actively Pursuing a Purchase of what you sell... advertise to the Needles, Not the Haystack. Target Active Buyers And Real Sellers. Advertise Only To People Who Matter And Who Are In-Market Right Now. Target The Right Person At The Right Time, Eliminate Wasteful Ad Spend. 
  •  Site Visitor Match:  Resolve the Identity Of Your Website Visitors.  Always Know Who's On Your Website & Convert Your Traffic.   Market To Them.
  • Google/Facebook Lookalike Matches:  Leverage the World's Two Largest Ad Platforms and Lower CPC by 25%-75%.  Multiply Your Reach By Using Deterministic, Real-Time Behavioral Data To Create Super-Targeted Lookalike Audiences
  • No Extra Work. You Don’t Need To Be Tech Savvy. 
  •  Get Qualified Leads Delivered Into Your Inbox.
  •  Predict Who Will Buy/Sell Before Anyone Else.
  •  Follow-up on Clients With a Methodical Yet Human Like Lead Nurturing System. No Stalking.
  •  Build Trust With a Solid Online Presence.
  •  Control Your Data. Keep it Forever.
  •  No Waste: Only Target Buyers/Sellers in The Market.  
  •  Finally a Long-Term Marketing Solution That Improves Over Time Thanks to Machine Learning.
  •  Get More Listings And a Stronger Pitch With Landlords & Get Paid a Premium For Your Services.
  •  Stay Ahead Of The Game & Prepare Your Next Ten Years with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
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